Waste of Time Machine

Two adorable friends, wasting your time.

Welcome to Waste of Time Machine. A weekly discussion on the various topics in the larger technology industry, including hardware, software, music, design, business models, video games, and of course, all things Apple, Inc.

Hosted by Dave Ahl and Adam Tuck; Two adorable friends, who love wasting your time.

Ep. 07: The Appisode

The prodigal podcasters return for a quick discussion about some of their favorite apps! We talk about function and design of a great number of our must have recommendations including Tweetbot, Instacast, Fantastical, Evernote, Threes, Monument Valley, Letterpress, Dark Sky, Numerical, and the mind blowing Square Cash. Adam also complains about his health and pays bills on the air.  Riveting stuff!

We're on twitter! @daveahl & @adamleydentuck, respectively.

Ep. 04: Something The Kids Can Twerk to

The Prodigal podcasters return. This week we discuss the general state of the music industry, its recent history, music consumption habits, Apple's rumored acquisition of Beats, and what that could possibly mean.  We also discuss the loose definition of "fair use" and Dave's shocking lack of having watched the ultimate WOTM film, Back to the Future Part 1.


Ep. 03: The Idiot Box

This week Dave and Adam discuss how computers get broken and why television sucks.

Dave also takes some time to comfort Adam and lets him know he is considered a valuable member of the team. 

We continue to have no sponsors, for obvious reasons.

Ep. 02: An Evening to Remember

Welcome back! On our second episode Dave and Adam crib turns of phrase from John Siracusa and Merlin Mann, and then discuss the current state of google glass and the oculus rift. Dave again makes many cogent and considered points while Adam has a case of the sniffles.  Enjoy!

Ep. 01: iPodcasting

Episode one of Dave and Adam wasting your time can be found right here.  We talk about the current state and future of wearable technology.  Dave makes cogent and interesting points, and Adam makes a bunch of weird noises because he doesn't know how to roll any other way.

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